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Guwahati is a major city in the eastern part of India. It is situated on the left bank of the Brahmaputra River. The town is located in the district of Kamrupa. Guwahati is among the fastest growing cities of India and in the recent years it has experienced development as well expansion. In terms of education and commercial activities the city is an important centre. Rather it can be said that the city is an important hub of the north-eastern region of the country. Guwahati has derived its name from two Assamese words namely "guwa" meaning "areca nut" and "haat" meaning a "market place".

History of Guwahati
The history of the city dates back to old days. Sometimes it is assumed that Guwahati is one of the ancient cities of Asia. The Ambari excavations which are found in the city trace the origin of the city to 6th century AD. The city has witnessed control of several historical dynasties including the Pala Dynasty, the Mughals and a lot more. In fact it can be said that Guwahati an important city of Assam has a long history which is cherished even in the present age.

Demography of Guwahati
Guwahati is a rapidly growing city. In the last few years the population of the city has grown in leaps and bounds. According to the census of 2001, the population of the city was 808,021. It is expected that by 2011 the population of the city will reach to a million. In 2001 the city constituted 55 percent males and 45 percent females whereas the city had only 10 percent of the population below 6 years of age. The literacy rate of the city was 78 percent and the percentages of male and female literacy were 81 and 74 percent respectively.

Economy of GuwahatiThe economy of Guwahati contributes largely to the economy of Assam. The chief economic activities of the region are trade and commerce and transportation and services. Guwahati is considered an important hub of entire north-eastern region. It is an important whole sale and retail zone of the country. The Guwahati Tea Auction Centre is one of the largest in the world and gradually with passing time mall culture is slowly growing in Guwahati. A small part of Guwahati`s economy also comes from manufacturing industries and an important manufacturing industry of the region is the petroleum refinery of IOCL. Lot of business is also generated from the print and electronic media of Guwahati and in the recent year`s business related to finance and real estate have grown to a large extent.

At the same time it should be mentioned that tourism industry is a major economic source for the city of Guwahati.

Kamakhya Temple

Kamakhya Temple - BindaasTravel.com

Guwahati is mainly famous for its Kamakhya temple situated on the top of the Nilachal hill, around 10 km from the railway station. Acclaimed as the best among the tantrik shrines of Shakti worship in the world, the Kamakhya Temple was constructed in the 10th century by the Koch king, Naranarayan. Till date animal sacrifice is religiously performed here to appease the Goddess.

Bhubaneshwari Temple

Bhubaneshwari Temple - BindaasTravel.com

Just above the Kamakhya Temple is located another small temple – Bhubaneshwari. From here you can have a bird’s eye view of the town of Guwahati.

Vashistha Ashram

Vashistha Ashram - BindaasTravel.com

Around 12 km from the railway station is situated the Vashistha Ashram (the abode of sage Vashistha), an interesting old shrine, with lots of greenery and three beautiful streams, Kanta, Lalita, and Sandhya. Other temples like the Ugratara Temple, famous for its golden deity and buffalo sacrifices, are also major attractions for tourists.

The various natural and artificial lakes like Deepor Beel, Dighalipukhuri, Silpukhuri, Nakkatapukhuri and Jorphukhur are some of the nicest sightseeing options.

Pan Bazaar, Fansi Bazaar, Paltan Bazaar, Ganeshguri and Beltola Bazaar are some of the options for shopping in the urban area of Guwahati.

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The Paltan Bazaar Bus Station has a number of private and Assam State Transport Company buses connecting the city to Tezpur (198 km), Kaziranga (215 km), Jorhat (303 km), Sibsagar (359 km) and Silchar (341 km). Rental cars are also available from travel agencies.


Guwahati has regular trains to Delhi, Kolkata, Dimapur, and New Jalpaiguri. It is recommended that you book your tickets atleast two months in advance, and reserve your seats for the return trip as well, if you are going by train. The Northeastern railways are not the best and trains get packed with unreserved, waitlisted travelers who bribe the TTR for seats! We recommend the Rajdhani express as it is definitely more comfortable than Brahmaputra Express or North East Express.


The Gopinath Bordoloi Airport is 23 km from the city and connects Guwahati to Delhi and Kolkata by air.

Hotel Ambarish

Hotel Ambarish - BindaasTravel.com

Hotel Ambarish Grand Residency, Guwahati is one of the preferred Three Star Hotels in Guwahati. The hotel is also conveniently reachable from the bus terminus and railway station (both 1 kilometer) and the airport (20 kilometers) of the city. The hotel also lies in the vicinity of the market place and the stock exchange in the city center.

MD Shah Road
Paltan Bazar

Hotel Rajmahal Guwahati

Hotel Rajmahal Guwahati - BindaasTravel.com

Situated at an apt location in the hub of Guwahati that is half a kilometer and 21 kilometers away from the railway station and the airport of the city respectively, the Hotel Raj Mahal, Guwahati is one of the most sought after Four Star Hotels in Guwahati.