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Fatehpur is a popular tourist destination that is located in Rajasthan. Lying within the Shekhawat Region it comprises of numerous havelis that have witnessed the rise of the business class. They are also important for their craftsmanship.

Location of Fatehpur: This quaint city is located in the north Rajasthan. This place is accessible from Mandawa. It lies 21 kilometers south-west of Mandawa.

History of Fatehpur: This town was founded in the middle of the 15th century. This capital town was founded by Nawab Fateh Khan but conquered by Shekhawati Rajputs in the 18th century. There are several ancient monuments that stand as the testimony to the by gone eras.

Travel Information on Fatehpur: This place is connected by railways and roadways with Jaipur, Sikar and other places in Rajasthan. The travelers can even travel to and fro Delhi. There are state buses as well a private buses that ply for the tourists. The place is well connected with most of the tourist destination within Rajasthan.

Accommodation in Fatehpur: One of the hotels in Fatehpur is the RTDC Hotel Haveli. There rooms are well furnished and the warmth and hospitality will definitely win the guests over.

Fatehpur City: most of the places of attractions are located within the city. Handicrafts and curio shops are located here. So apart from checking out the historic monuments the tourists can shop for several interesting items.


Mahansar - BindaasTravel.com

Marooned amid a sea of scrub and drifting sand this outstanding place is located 27 kilometers northeast of Fatehpur. Its monuments, which include a fortress and some of the most accomplished interior paintings in Shekhawati, are some of the finest instances of brilliant artistry. These places are, however, less frequented than the others. As a result Mahansar is a much more enticing prospect to the tourists. The travelers can also stay here and enjoy the surroundings of this place. It is also accessible from Mandawa, a forty-minute Jeep ride south.


Ramgarh - BindaasTravel.com

It is located at a distance of 20 kilometers north of Fatehpur. It was founded in 1791 and was to some extent a status symbol for the Poddar merchant family. They made every effort to outshine the nearby Churu, which they left following a dispute with the local thakur over wool tax. They had definitely achieved their aim, as there is not a single wall that has been left unattended. Even the shops in the bazaar are decorated with paintings. Most of the grand Poddar chhatris beside the main Churu-Sikar road preserve vibrant turquoise and vermilion murals depicting scenes from the Ramayana. The Poddar family havelis in the north of town, west of Churu Gate, are decorated with scenes from local folk stories, and a three-fish motif that is unique to Ramgarh.


Lakshmangarh - BindaasTravel.com

It is located at a distance of 20 kilometers south of Fatehpur. The prime local attraction here is the 19th century that dominates the west side of town. This ancient monument offers a spectacular view of the neighboring region. The travelers can climb up to its summit to enjoy the views. Lakshmangarh is easy to explore, thanks to a street grid inspired by that of Jaipur. The local bus stand is located just below the bus stand


The town has good connections within the State.


25 kms from Juhnjhunu Railway Station.


190 kms from Sanganer Airport, Jaipur .

Hotel Haveli

Hotel Haveli - BindaasTravel.com

Located in Fatehpur, this Rajasthan Tourism Development Corporation run hotel is at a distance of 190 km from Sanganer airport, Jaipur, 25 km from Jhunjhunun railway station and 2 km from the local bus terminus.