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Orissa situated on the eastern side of the Indian subcontinent is one of the richest states in mineral content. The whole state is replete with sea side retreats, meandering rivers, mountain ranges, and sprawling monuments and forts. These monuments reflect the cultural heritage and history of Orissa. It was an important part of the Kalinga dynasty. Many objects unearthed here tell of the chronological history of this state. A Tour to Orissa is a must if you want to experience the many facets of nature. If you are looking for a quiet seaside retreat in Orissa, a Tour to Chandipur is a must.

Chandipur is a peaceful seaside retreat, situated 15 kilometers from Balasore. One of the distinctive features of the sea here is the fact that the sea recedes for 5 kilometers everyday during the tide. Jelly fish and star fish can be seen sprawling on the whole beach.

The best time to go for a Tour to Chandipur is during October to May. The nearest railhead is in Balasore while the the nearest airport to Chandipore is in Bhubaneshwar. It is also connected to Cuttack, Kolkata, Digha and Kolaghat.

While on a Tour to Chandipur you can put up in the many guesthouses and Budget hotels that are available all throughout the sea front. The make shift shacks by the sea side sells conch, shell items, fishing gears etc. Cashew nuts are quite cheap here and can be considered amongst best buys. Chandipore makes for an interesting weekend getaway from Digha, Puri, Kolkata, Midnapore etc. You can also go on an excursion to the nearby places from Chandipore like Balaramgadi, Chandaneshwar, Talsari etc.

Chandipur Beach

Chandipur Beach - BindaasTravel.com

Chandipur Beach With the sea water receding approximately 5 kms during low tide and advancing to the shore during high tide everyday, the Chandipur Beach at Orissa offers a truly unique and captivating sight.

Easily accessible via train, the beach is merely 16 kms from the Balasore Railway Station on Howrah-Madras line of South Eastern Railways.

Beach: Watching the sea vanish right in front of your eyes and then observing its return is a very rare site. And to add more to this hide and seek of water, the Casuarina trees and creeper sand dunes seem to be swaying on a melodious musical note. The bbeach is also in close proximity to certain other places of tourist interest namely Remuna, Panchalingeswar, Aradi and Chandaneswar.

The seaside resort of Chandipur, 16 km east of Balasore, is one of Orissa's finest beaches. The musical sway of the casuarinas trees and creepered white sand dunes add to its seductive beauty. Chandipur is one of the few beaches of the world where the sea recedes up to 5 km daily at low tide and chasing the waves in a jeep, when the sea retreats is unforgettable. When the tide is in, locals trawl for small fish along the coast. The serene and peaceful landscape of Chandipur captivates the visitor.

Easily reachable by auto rickshaw or taxi from Balasore, the accommodation at Chandipur is plentiful. Enjoy your stay at Chandipur Beach, Orissa.

Chandipur is connected by road to Balasore 16-kms, Bhubaneshwar 214-kms, Cuttack 230-kms, Calcutta 240-kms etc. The Madras bound National Highway No-5 linking Calcutta- Balashore-Cuttack-Bhubaneswar is the main connector by road. There are several other bye-routes too such as Kolaghat-Digha-Jaleswar routes and Belda route. It takes approx 7-8 hours to reach Chandipur from Calcutta. The usual conveyance is a full reserved Ambassador, Sumo, Maruti, Auto or Tracker from Balasore.

The nearest railhead Balasore is on the South Eastern Railway. All Calcutta-Madras rail routes of Southeastern railways touches Balasore. From Howrah, Balasore could be accessible by Dhauli Express, Falaknama Express, East-Coast Express, Puri and Jagannath Express, at different points of time of the day. There are several local trains available as well.

The nearest Airport is Bhubaneswar , which is 214-kms from Chandipur.

Anandamayee Hotel

Anandamayee Hotel - BindaasTravel.com

Anandmayee Hotel is one of the best hotels here in Chandipur. The hotel offers a wide range of accommodation of 61 rooms at Chandipur, Anandamayee assures you for the best of comfort in a homely and modern atmosphere.

47/4,Becharam Chatterjee Road
Behala, Kolkata-700034, West Bengal (India)

Hotel Panthanivas

Hotel Panthanivas - BindaasTravel.com

A fine hotel to stay in Chandipur is Hotel Panthanivas run by Orissa Tourism Development Corporation. The hotel provides comfortable accommodation in its elegantly appointed rooms and suites. The hotel also offers dormitory accommodation and is well equipped with modern facilities.

Balasore 756 025

Hotel Subham

 Hotel Subham - BindaasTravel.com

Another good option to stay in Chandipur is Hotel Subham, which provides accommodation in 29 well appointed rooms of which six of air-conditioned rooms. All the rooms are well furnished and equipped with modern facilities.

Chandipur, Orissa.